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Time:March 24-26, 2018
Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse
Sponsor:Development Research Center of the State Council
Organiser:China Development Research Foundation
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China Development Forum links China to the world

The annual China Development Forum (CDF) will get underway on Saturday in Beijing, under the theme of "China in the New Era."

The three-day forum is the first high-profile international event held after the Two Sessions and aims to provide a platform for delegates to discuss the policies and messages coming out of China’s top political season.

"We can make sure that the messages from the Two Sessions and the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be delivered to the world accurately," said Secretary-General of China Development Research Foundation Lu Mai.

With the objective of "Engaging with the World for Common Prosperity", the forum is a platform for dialogue between China’s senior leadership and representatives from leading businesses, international organizations, and scholars from home and abroad.

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Lu mentioned that this year’s CDF will discuss various topics, ranging from Chinese economy to foreign diplomacy. Highlights will include China's reform and opening-up, Chinese manufacturing in high-quality development stage, innovation and future development, China-US relations, and the Belt and Road Initiative.

More than 40 sessions will host senior officials from the newly formed State Council, including Vice Premier Han Zheng, and ministers responsible for China's trade, finance, industrial development, and top economic planner.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will meet participants at the end of the forum, Lu noted.

The organizer noted that CDF is important for companies to make strategies as they can get direct information from the Chinese government.

More than 80 global chief executives from global Fortune 500 companies will address the forum, including Apple's Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai from Google. Other representatives will include officials from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.