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Time:March 18-20, 2017
Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse
Sponsor:Development Research Center of the State Council
Organiser:China Development Research Foundation
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Novartis:Promoting a Healthier China through Collaboration and Reforms


This year’s topic of the China Development Forum “China and the World: Economic Transformation through Structural Reforms” is a considerate choice in times where China’s government faces slowing economic growth. China’s central government is working hard towards speeding up reforms with a focus on innovation to enhance its market attractiveness and to encourage further private investments. Having in mind that China is one of the world's biggest importers of goods and commercial services, its economic performance has not only a strong impact on China itself but also around the world.

In the area of healthcare where China sees a rapidly aging population and increasing incidence of chronic diseases, China defined healthcare as one strategic pillar to spur economic growth. In particular the Healthy China 2030 plan provides a platform for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry to contribute to China’s economic growth targets and to improve the health of Chinese citizens. Novartis welcomes the Chinese government’s emphasis on innovation as a core driver of future developments and has been contributing to China’s economy and society with creating jobs, research and development of innovative and high-quality drugs, training programs to foster talents, manufacturing and export.

Especially extended innovation capabilities in healthcare can have positive implications for the overall competitiveness of China’s economy and workforce. More importantly, an innovative healthcare industry will support a healthier population and improved quality of life. Therefore, continued improvement in the competitiveness of China’s healthcare industry remains a necessary condition for attracting leading healthcare companies that can help build a robust healthcare system.

In this document Novartis analyzes China’s status quo in some selected areas of (1) Timely access to innovative medicines / fostering and rewarding innovation and (2) Multinational research for advanced therapies, and makes some suggestions to the Chinese government on next possible steps to increase its competitiveness in the healthcare sector based on examples from other countries.
An environment that allows the timely development and application of innovative treatment options will provide indispensable and strong support for advancing China’s goals to grow its economy and increase its market competitiveness.

Novartis basically suggests China to engage in systematic, government funded public-private-partnerships that
• Drive education on state-of-the art conduct of international clinical research and regulatory best practices;
• Elaborate policies and guidance e.g. on a sustainable pricing, reimbursement and procurement system that reward/foster innovation; and
• Jointly conduct research on questions of special interest for the Chinese healthcare and in general increase China’s competitiveness and innovative presence in the global arena